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Van Hoorebeke Luc

Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke

Performance 24/08 - 29/08/2010

Van Hoorebeke
Sint-Baafsplein 15
9000 Gent 



An assortment of delicious, traditional real handmade Belgian chocolates (pralines) and truffles. His open workspace, visible via the shop floor is a unique crowd puller.



At first I wanted to become a"Restaurant Chef", but my father advised me to try the professional chocolate schooling, for which I am very gratefull now. The advantage is that I can work in a "normal" timeframe. There still is some time left in the evening for my family.
After almost 30 years of experience and because of Callebaut's offer to participate it was easy to decide: we are also going to Shanghai. Chocolate is one of our most important export products in Belgium and we are very proud that we can contribute to this image in our own modest way. The moment has come to show the world that Belgium is THE chocolate country par excellence. I want to keep on evolving on quality and taste level. It is also a great opportunity to help the 2nd generation: my son followed my footsteps in the business and opened a second shop. In 2012 we can celebrate 30 years of chocolate craftmanship and it would be a 'dream come true' to end my carrier as official 'Supplier to the Court.'

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