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Vanden Heede Sheila

Chocolaterie Sweertvaegher

Performance 30/09 - 05/10/2010

75 years of know how
Our pralines have been made for almost 75 years according to the same philosophy: tradition, craftsmanship, quality, freshness and respect for carefully chosen ingredients. We create an entire new assortment every two days because a few of our fillings need 48 hours for their process to be complete. The combination of aromas and the crystallisation of chocolate only stabilises after 48 hours.
Many of our recipes date back from the beginning, like our butter truffles, which are still made the same way as they were 70 years ago.
Pure chocolate
We never use preservatives or artificial products. Only natural vanilla is used in all our products and chocolates. Ingredients such as chocolate, butter, cream, nuts, sugar, vanilla, etc., must meet our highest quality requirements.
Our chocolate only contains high quality cocoa butter and does not contain any other vegetable fat. All our fillings and creams are handmade. We only use automation when it adds to our quality.
Our chocolate remains at the right temperature in melting tanks and is pumped through heated pipes into our chocolate shop, hygienically sealed from air, light and humidity, the biggest enemies of chocolate. Our suppliers are chosen with care, with which we usually have long-standing relationships.

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