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Vande Meirssche Erik

Chocolaterie Cher

Performance 19/08 - 24/08/2010


  • Chocolates filled with advocaat
  • Colored moulded figures


Chocolaterie Cher
Turfputstraat 5
9290 Berlare


'It all started with a present I received from a family member: a chocolate mould. Making chocolate figures with the mould became my hobby and afterwards my profession. Participating in the Shanghai project will bring me some very nice publicity. In the future, I hope to be able to create some more new recipes for chocolate 'pralines' filled with advocaat filling, and why not: export them to China ! I will miss the countryside environment of Berlare in the big City of China, but it's only for a short period. I will come back with a lot of new experiences to talk about.'

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