The Chocolate Corner

Project leader Kris Dooms

Kris Dooms has not only been a chocolatier since 1989, he has also been President of FENACO, the Belgian Royal Association for Artisanal Chocolatiers and Confectioners since 1997. In addition to this he is also active as President of BBCW (Best Belgian Chocolates of the World) since 2007.
Kris Dooms was appointed Project Manager, responsible for creating the Belgian Chocolate Corner in the Belgian-European Pavilion for the World Exhibition 2010 in Shanghai, China.

Jenny Tian

Jenny Tian is the local contact person for the chocolatiers. She is Kris Dooms' assistant and 'right hand' in Shanghai. She is supervising the working of the Belgian Chocolate Corner and the demonstrations.  She also takes care of practical arrangements for the chocolatiers, demonstrating at the World in Shanghai.

Jenny finished her studies at the Tong Ji University of Shanghai in the direction of Government Administration.

She opened a chocolate store in Shanghai 2 years ago and is possessed of working with chocolate.

The Project

The idea behind the concept for this project already dates back to 2008 and the 50th anniversary of Expo ’58, an Expo that had a huge impact on the economy in Belgium.

The concept
The main purpose of this project is to bring the entire chocolate chain in China: this includes the larger chocolate professionals as well as the artisanal chocolatiers. 
They will bear one message : Belgian chocolates are the best in the world !

The ‘Belgian chocolate corner’ will be one of the main attractions in the Belgian pavilion in Shanghai – an appetising place offering a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.

  • In the chocolate corner, covered by glass bells, the chocolates of Godiva, Guylian and Neuhaus will be displayed like ornate gems. 
  • A 4 meter long counter display tells the story of the making of chocolate: from bean to praline.
  • A huge screen in the wall will run a continuous film, showing the 4 partners' activities.
  • Last but not least: the live demonstrations.  More than 70 artisanal chocolatiers will be demonstrating in turn.  They will show off their unique skills and know-how in the area of  chocolate art and expertise. It will be a must-see for every visitor to the World Expo.

The shop

The different partners will sell their own branded chocolates in the shop.


Art in the Belgian Chocolate Corner

Lieve Dejonghe, a Belgian paintress has created an installation (4 m high, 1,3 m wide) consisting of four paintings, a picture and a commercial slogan, which will be shown at the Expo from May 1st on. She integrates elements of Chinese and Western culture and uses chocolate as a subject, as she has actually already been doing for a number of years. She plays with the ambiguous slogan ‘The Art of Chocolate’ in the four paintings linked by it, asking the question ‘What is Art?’ The fourth painting addresses the essence of the ‘Art of living’. The picture forms a stark contrast with the busy scene of the World Expo; it remembers the spectator that creating art remains an individual experience, realised in the intimate atmosphere of an artist’s studio. To learn more about the installation, see on this website ‘about her recent works’.


Thanks also to the generous support of our sponsors, Sony and PRG, the Chocolate Corner will have the very best audiovisual resources to help intensify the chocolate experience. Prefamac will be providing the material and machines so that the chocolatiers can demonstrate their expertise in Shanghai. Lieve Dejonghe is a painter with a love of art, chocolate and China – an inspiring mix that forms the basis of much of her work. Lieve will be making an installation for the ‘Belgian Chocolate Corner’ at the World Expo in Shanghai. It's sure to be a special blend of Chinese elements, humour and her distinctively subtle style.