17 November 2010

Looking back

The Shanghai World expo came to an end. It was an amazing experience. We are very proud to have participated. Attached you can find more information on the results of this splendid project. We want to thank everyone that contributed to accomplish this happening.

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29 August 2010

Jacques Rogge in Shanghai

On Sunday, 29th of August, Jacques Rogge visited the World Expo in Shangai together with a delegation of other IOC members.

He was pleasantly surprised by the success of the Belgian Chocolate Corner.



13 June 2010

Prince Filip visits the Belgian Pavillion

On Sunday, the day of the Belgian elections, Prince Filip visited the Belgian Pavillion at the World Expo in Shanghai.  He took some time to pay special attention to the Belgian Chocolate Corner.  Kris Dooms explained the concept of the project.  Bart Van Cauwenberghe, owner of chocolaterie "De Zwarte Vos" in Ghent and also Chocolate Ambassador for Callebaut, had the honour to meet the Prince as well. Other chocolatiers present at that moment were: Olivier Demol (Neuhaus), Ludwig De Kesel (Guylian) and Julie Vanborm (De Zwarte Vos).

04 June 2010

Shanghai Chocolatiers meet at Culinaria

Culinaria¬≤ was a nice opportunity to reunite the chocolatiers taking part in the Shanghai World Expo adventure.  More than 50 chocolatiers were present on Friday evening. Some of them could already talk about their experiences and warm up the chocolatiers that still have to go by sharing exciting stories. The general feeling is that the chocolatiers that already gave demonstrations at the Expo were very positive and happy that they could expierience what it is to demonstrate in front of such a mass of (very interested) people and they are very proud to have taken part in this unique project. 

23 May 2010

Visit of Minister Kris Peeters

Flemish Minister President Kris Peeters arrived in Shanghai on Sunday 23rd of May for a mission of 6 days in China.  He visited the World Expo on Monday, which is the Flemish day in the Belgian Pavillion.  He met with Kris Dooms and the demonstrating chocolatiers at the Belgian Chocolate Corner. 

21 May 2010

Visit of Premier Yves Leterme at the Belgian Chocolate Corner

David Maenhout, Bart Van Audenhove, Erik Op de Beeck and Filip Jeurissen were honoured with the visit of Yves Leterme during their demonstrations at the Belgian Chocolate corner. Result of their meeting is this nice picture with all of them together !

20 May 2010

Eddy van Melkebeke's adventure in Shanghai

Eddy Van Melkebeke, Chocolaterie Royal in Aalst, shared his impressions about his Shanghai adventure with us:

'What can a small artisanal chocolatier from Aalst do in the big city of Shanghai? 
The answer is not so obvious when you arrive in this Chinese metropolis. The western influence is emphatically present and the modern business is striking. It is clear that this country has evolved tremendously since the Chinese government has chosen for liberalisation. Modern metro lines, taxis everywhere, high towers, huge shopping centres are rising next to the remains of well maintained old historical buildings that are witnesses of the rich city history.'

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11 May 2010

Philippe Vancayseele back in Belgium

Philippe Vancayseele (Barry Callebaut) was one of the first chocolatiers to demonstrate at the Belgian Chocolate Corner together with Thierry Muret (Godiva) and Olivier Demol (Neuhaus).  Philippe returned to Belgium yesterday and he wants to share his first impressions.

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01 May 2010

Opening World Expo in Shanghai

The opening of the World Expo in Shanghai on May 1st, was a very big success.  It all happened in a typical Chinese atmoshere: a huge feast, parades and fireworks. For the first days, the entrance tickets were sold out immediately.  In the Belgian Chocolate Corner, Philippe Vancayseele, Olivier Demol and Thierry Muret are demonstrating in turn.

The chocolatiers are regarded as real stars and are being photographed the whole time.


30 April 2010

The final countdown

Within a few hours, the World Expo in Shanghai is about to open.

At the same time, 3 Belgian chocolatiers will start to demonstrate in turn in the Belgian Chocolate Corner: Philippe Vancayseele (Barry Callebaut), Thierry Muret (Neuhaus) and Olivier Demol (Godiva).

Follow what the artistic work they are achieving on the website :


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25 February 2010

Regional Press Briefings

11 regional press briefings were organised to announce that more than 70 Belgian artisan chocolatiers out of each corner of Belgium will be giving demonstrations by turns to show off their chocolate skills during the World Expo. It will be a must-see for every visitor to the World Expo in Shanghai. At the same time, theme weeks were anounced. During those weeks, certain regions will be put into the spotlight.

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A unique and very special partnership between Godiva, Guylian, Neuhaus and Barry Callebaut for the World Expo Shanghai 2010

11 February 2010

Kick off press conference

A unique and very special partnership between Godiva, Guylian, Neuhaus and Barry Callebaut for the World Expo Shanghai 2010 In the presence of the Chinese Ambassador Mr. Zhang Yuanyuan, Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne, Leo Delcroix the set up of the Belgian Chocolate Corner project was presented by the project leader Kris Dooms and the 4 partners, Godiva, Guylian, Neuhaus and Barry Callebaut. Never before, these top chocolate brands joined forces. They team up to showcase our amazing and unique craftsmanship: no-one makes pralines and artisanal chocolate like Belgians do. This press conference took place at the Grand Place in Brussels in the conference room of BBCW.  Philippe Van Cayseele, technical advisor of Barry Callebaut,  handed over a Manneke Pis, dressed up in Chinese outfit, to the Ambassador and Minister Van Quickenborne.

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