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Hanf Axel

Belgian Chocolate Design

Performance 28/07 - 02/08/2010


  • Creations with top-quality single-origin chocolate
  • More than 90 different pralines
  • Special fillings like ganache with goat's milk cheese, mustard or and different beers Personalised pralines
  • Creations for special occasions

Belgian Chocolate Design
K.F.-Schinkelstraat 45
4782 Schönberg



“We are proud to represent the little known German-speaking community in Belgium. Belgium has a reputation for making the best chocolate in the world, and we are keen to maintain that tradition. We make more than 90 different pralines including ganaches with special fillings such as goat’s cheese, mustard and various beers. We also make personalised pralines for special occasions. We are looking forward to what promises to be an enriching experience, exchanging ideas and visions on food and life with new people.”

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