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Demaret Corine

Chocolatier Demaret

Performance 04/08 - 09/08/2010

Corine Demaret

Chocolaterie Demaret
Voie de la Chocolaterie 89 
4651 Manaihant



  • Small enrobed pralines
  • Enrobed truffles
  • Pralines «without added sugar»

“The daughter of a chocolatier, I guess I was pretty much born into the profession. I spent a lot of time in my father’s workshop and knew that this was to be my future by the time I was 10. The company has now existed for 30 years. We specialise in high-quality truffles together with a wide variety of homemade pralines. I look forward to the opportunity to gauge people’s reactions to our creations and show people the value of a dedication to quality.”


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