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De Graeve Kristof

Chocolaterie De Graeve K.

Performance 31/08 - 05/09/2010

Member of the Best Belgian Chocolates of the World Association.


Cherry brandy and rum and raisin pralines


Chocolaterie De Graeve K.
Burgemeester Jos Chalmetlaan 67
9060 Zelzate

Creativity, flavour and exquisite pleasure : are the words that best sum up my years of
Chocolate making. Chocolate is a constant source of inspiration for me.
Patience is also a measure of quality :Every year I make limited edition cherry brandy and
rum raisin pralines, a receipt of my grandmother, which is always a fantastic moment.
The maturation process is vital but when you love your craft time ceases to matter:
all that counts is the quality of the end-product and the sheer pleasure experienced
by my customers when they taste the chocolate

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