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Coppieters Anne


Performance 20/07 - 25/07/2010


Exciting combinations of chocolate with various fillings ranging from chocolate to even rhubarb and lychee. Other products: marzipan, ice, cookies, gingerbread, candy, jam, pastilles and liquors.

Only lady member of the 10 artisanal chocolatiers, united in the Best Belgian Chocolate of the World association, offering the National Discovery Ballotin.

Heidestraat 1
9820 Merelbeke


“I’m often asked if it’s lonely being one of the few women in the man’s world of artisanal chocolate. I think it gives me a unique perspective. I am looking forward to going to Shanghai to prove that I can cut it with the best of my male colleagues. I love the idea of representing Belgium and my city of Ghent by making Smurfs and Azaleas, typical icons from my part of the world.”

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