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Beaufort Francine

La Femme Chocolat

Performance 07/10 - 12/10/2010



  • Manons
  • Ganaches with flavors of flowers and spices
  • Icecream with different origin chocolats


La Femme Chocolat
Chaussée de Wégimont, 283
4630 Soumagne


“I acquired my love of chocolate from my son-in-law who is a pastry chef and chocolate maker. I now own my own tea-room famous for its manons with caramelised sugar, origin chocolate ice-cream and ganaches made with flowers and spice. I am very much looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic experience and a real adventure with the promise of forging new ties. I hope I will have the opportunity to convey the specificity of different chocolate flavours and show off a bit of my creativity.”

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