Eddy van Melkebeke's adventure in Shanghai (20-05-2010) << back to overview

It makes you wonder: what can a small artisanal chocolatier from Aalst mean for this World expo in Shanghai?
The answer is: a lot!
He shows what “chocolate” means in Belgium, he works together with other creative and wilful chocolatiers (as if others exist). In working together with Emiel Robberechts (Pralines Devina) and Frederic Blondeel (Cacao Company) he discovers that they are more colleagues and friends than competitors. He participates in creating a showpiece in chocolate for the diamond corner in the Belgian Pavilion and even chocolate jewels for Miss World. Showing the Chinese public that Belgian chocolate is unique, is for him an overpowering experience.'

'I am very happy and grateful that Barry Callebaut and the 3 other partners, Guylian, Godiva and Neuhaus created the opportunity to join the team during one week, and to experience the feeling of being a real moviestar.
Nevertheless coming back home also gives me a very good feeling. The China experience generated even more passion to create artisanal made Belgian chocolates as never before.'